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Celebrating Ten Years of Human Powered Commuting - 2020 Sole Power Challenge

  • 20 May 2020
Celebrating Ten Years of Human Powered Commuting - 2020 Sole Power Challenge

May the power of your Sole be with you! Memorial Day is nearly here and that means it is time for the annual Sole Power Green Commuting Challenge. This year Sole Power celebrates its 10th year with 1,500 participants who have logged nearly 295,000 miles since the start of the program. The Sole Power Challenge is free and encourages active commuting in the Eagle Valley. Participants get outside, get fit, reduce their carbon footprint, save money and have fun. While the challenge starts on Monday, May 25, participants can log on to and track miles year-round. 

2019 was a great year for Sole Power with nearly 39,000 miles logged and over 35,000 pounds of carbon reduced. The program is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to improve personal wellness and do their part for climate action. 

The rules are simple, participants may count any "trip" as long as they have a destination and the ride, walk, skate, or run is not purely recreational. The goal is to use your “sole” power and support active transportation instead of motorized options, so if you would have otherwise driven, taken the bus, motorcycle or other motorized vehicle, the trip counts. Sole Power relies on the honor system and is a fun way to keep track of mileage throughout the year. The program runs from Memorial Day to Columbus Day with a couple of seasonal challenges within those dates.  

This year, generous community sponsors have donated prizes such as hotel stays, gift cards to restaurants and bars, bike tunes, hats, custom messenger bags, commuting gear and much more. Prizes will be given away each week throughout the season. Don’t worry if you’re not a ‘leader;’ anyone who has logged a trip that week will be eligible for a prize.  

Typically, Sole Power hosts monthly happy hours with free or discounted beverages and the season is capped off with a great end-of-season party. New this year, Sole Power will also incorporate Coffee Outside in parks or coffee shops throughout the county for those who may prefer to get together in the mornings over caffeinated beverages. Given the COVID-19 situation, Sole Power will strive to host happy hours, Coffee Outside and an end of season party once we are able to do so safely and comfortably and in full compliance with local public health guidelines.

Sole Power is free for all participants and is a major component of community health and environmental programs. The website’s tracking platform is also a great opportunity for wellness programs around the valley as well as an opportunity for friendly challenges between local businesses. Sign up free at and keep an eye out for e-newsletters and Facebook posts for updates on Sole Power happenings throughout the summer.

This year’s goal is to top 50,000 miles so whether you’re a veteran participant or want to do your first human-powered commute, join in and help achieve the goal.

Check out the Eagle Valley Sole Power Facebook page, or follow on Instagram @EVSolePower. For more information, visit or contact


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