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Planning Permit Applications

Applications must be submitted through the Town's online customer portal. If you will be submitting electronic plans/documents for review, you will receive an invitation to upload the information directly to ProjectDox, after your application has been reviewed for completeness. If you are submitting paper plans/documents, please feel free to drop them off at the Community Development Department.

Application Fees - Planning

Planning Application Fee Schedule

Application for Administrative Action

The Administrative Action Application is for the following: Plat Correction, Condominium and Townhouse Plat, Single Family Subdivision & Duplex Subdivision.

Submittal Requirements for Administrative Action


This form is required for filing an appeal of a Staff, Design Review Board, or Planning and Environmental Commission action/decision. A complete form and associated requirements must be submitted to the Community Development Department within twenty (20) calendar days of the disputed action/decision.

Home Occupation Permit

A home occupation is a use conducted entirely within a dwelling and is incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes. Must be renewed on an annual basis.

Developer Improvement Agreements

Developer Improvement Agreement - Cash

Developer Improvement Agreement - Letter of Credit

Jonathan Spence
Planning Manager

Erik Gates

Greg Roy
Planner II