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Town of Vail Community Grants


Vail Grant Award Program (GAP)

The Vail Grant Award Program (GAP) is a relief program for Vail businesses to assist with the financial challenges caused by the public health crisis. The town has allocated $500,000 for GAP. Grants for this program will range from $5,000 up to $15,000. A scoring matrix based on both quantitative and qualitative information will be used to determine funds awarded. Applications will be accepted February 15th through March 31st.


  • Help keep Vail Open for Business
  • Assist Vail businesses with financial support so that they may continue to keep their doors open during the months ahead.
  • Provide funding directly and quickly to local Vail businesses to help cover essential operational expenses in order to keep them open for guests and residents.

Program Eligibility:

  • Business must provide current and valid Town of Vail Business and Sales Tax License.
  • Business must have a physical location and storefront within the Town of Vail’s commercially zoned area from which business operations are conducted.
  • Business must not be a publicly traded corporation, not be owned by, controlled by, or a subsidiary of a publicly traded corporation.
  • Business must not have more than 50 FTEs.
  • Business must not be in violation of Eagle County and State of Colorado and Executive Public Health Orders (including face covering mandates and capacity restrictions). 



Vail Community Relief Fund

(501c.3 organizations only)

On March 31, Town Council approved the allocation of $500,000 in grant funding to provide relief in the general areas of food, shelter and health impacts associated with the COVID-19 public health crisis. Nonprofit organizations (501c.3 status) are eligible to apply with prioritization of funding for organizations that are based in Eagle County and provide assistance to those who may live or work within Vail. 


Community Funding Relief Awards and Resources


Food Relief Efforts ($100,000)


Salvation Army

Mission Statement: Provide emergency services and meet human needs, in an effort to promote self-sufficiency, without discrimination.


The Eagle Valley Community Foundation

Mission Statement: The Foundation has three objectives that support the continuous development of a healthy community, including:
Understanding: We partner with people and institutions to develop a deep understanding of the needs within our community;
Resources: We bridge the gap between the philanthropic components of the community and the programs that address the basic needs of the community, developing resources to manage the most critical programs in the community; and
Impact: We seek to have a significant positive impact on the lives of the under-served members of our local community.


United Way

Mission Statement: To fight for the health, education and financial stability of everyone in our community.


Medical and Behavioral Health ($123,000)


Bright Futures Foundation

Mission Statement: Making Futures Bright: changing lives for individuals and families affected by domestic violence and sexual abuse.


Eagle Valley Behavior Health

Mission Statement: Lead community collaboration to transform the Eagle Valley’s behavioral health system.


Suicide Prevention Coalition

Mission Statement: To prevent suicide in Eagle County through training, awareness and HOPE.


The Hope Center of Eagle River Valley

Mission Statement: Through a collaborative effort with our community partners, the Hope Center of the Eagle River Valley extends a beacon of hope to those in emotional crisis and offers a continuum of comprehensive care.


Vail Valley Charitable Fund

Mission Statement: To assist individuals who live and work in the Vail Valley who are experiencing financial hardship due to a medical crisis or long-term illness.


Rental Relief ($60,000)


Salvation Army

Mission Statement: Provide emergency services and meet human needs, in an effort to promote self-sufficiency, without discrimination.


Swift Eagle Charitable Foundation

Mission Statement: Provide swift financial assistance to Eagle County residents for living and personal expenses during times of crisis or hardship


Catholic Charities

Mission Statement: Catholic Charities extends the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to the poor and those in need.


Council Contribution Funding

Council Contribution funding requests are organized into four designated categories for funding consideration: Signature events, Destination events, Services, or In-Kind. Criteria for submission in each category are listed below.

Contributions will be evaluated and awarded to applicants who can show the contribution will be used directly to benefit the entire community of Vail, fulfillment of the Town’s mission, and how the contribution will affect our resort community’s future health. Funding is subject to approval by ordinance of a supplemental budget appropriation.


Please Note: Event and Education Enrichment funding applications are available through the Commission on Special Events (CSE). Application for the CSE are available at Event Funding Application Information.


The Town of Vail provides annual Council Contribution funding each year:


Annual Contribution Requests

Annual contribution requests are considered during the annual budget process for the coming year. Town Council reviews the application along with staff recommendation for contribution requests submitted by the June 30th Deadline.




Grant Categories 

Signature Events:

Signature Events represent events and programs that have been built by solid organizations over a period of time and enjoy national and international recognition for excellence. These events represent the Vail brand at the highest level and the loss of any one of them would have a negative effect. The customer base includes a significant portion of destination guests and economic impact to the town is profound. Example of these events and programs would include Bravo!;, Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships, Vail International Dance Festival and Vail Jazz Festival. Funding of this category is allocated outside of the CSE annual budget; however the results will be reported to the Commission on Special Events as part of the standard recap process and will also be presented to Town Council.


Destination Events:

This category represents events and programs that provide the town an opportunity for new or one-time major events such as the US Pro Challenge, and the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships. While funding will be allocated outside of the Commission on Special Event’s budget, event results will be reported to the CSE as part of the standard recap process and will also be presented to Town Council. The funding for this category will not be automatic each year, but major events and/or programs with the potential to build the Vail brand even further and have a significant impact on the town’s economy will be considered on an individual basis. Signature events are able to apply for funding from this category with a new opportunity that fits this criteria.



This category funds an aspect of services/expertise that the town does not already provide, supports the TOV physical plant and is appropriate for governmental support. Examples of this category include support of TV5, Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens and Eagle Valley Childcare. Applications are required to be filled out every year for ongoing program support of established service providers, which will be included in the annual budget at a set level each year. Applicants will be required to provide a program recap to Council as part of the following years application.


In-kind Requests:

Annual in-kind funding allocations such as ice time at Dobson Arena, use of Donovan Pavilion/Grand View, parking passes/coupons and public works or police department services will be subject to staff-level approval. The town does require an annual application to be filled out for transparency and tracking purposes.







Kathleen Halloran
Finance Director

Jacque M. Lovato
Accounting Manager

Alex Jakubiec
Revenue Manager