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ISO Rating Information


All properties within the Vail Fire and Emergency Services response area have an ISO Class 2 rating. If your property is more than 1000’ from a fire hydrant, the ISO rating is Class 2X. The ISO class 2/2X rating became effective November 1, 2015, prior to this date the ISO rating was 4/9.


An ISO rating of 1 is the highest rating while an ISO rating of 10 is given when the fire protection system does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria. In addition to the structure fire delivery system, the Public Protection Classification assessment also evaluates the 911 and dispatch system, fire prevention and code enforcement, as well as the water supply available for firefighting.


The ISO rating is used by many insurance companies as a part of their underwriting process to determine availability of insurance, coverage levels and premiums. Property owners are encouraged to contact their insurance company to confirm that their premiums are based upon the newer ISO rating. The Class 2/2X rating is in effect until ISO conducts a new evaluation in approximately five years.


Mark Novak
Fire Chief

Mike Vaughan
Fire Marshal