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Fire Prevention Bureau

The fire prevention division is responsible for enforcement of the fire code, town ordinances and Colorado state statutes.

The division personnel serve on the town staff development review team and conduct plan reviews for developments and remodels. The division's primary focus is fire investigation; arson investigation; instructing public education programs; acting as public information officers at incidents; and performing tests and inspections of fire extinguishing, fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Other tasks include internal maintenance of the fire stations, apparatus and equipment, as well as continued training and re-certification of all fire department personnel.


Tax Reform Incentivizing Fire Sprinklers

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) lauds passage of tax reform bill allowing the incentivizing of fire sprinkler installations. Read full details here.  Have questions? Call Fire Marshal Mike Vaughan 970-479-2252.

Contact Info

Mark Novak
Fire Chief

Mike Vaughan
Fire Marshal