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Frequently Asked Questions 

ACCIDENT ALERT – What does Accident Alert mean?
"Accident Alert" is defined as those times when weather conditions are so severe that police officers are unable to respond to the large volume of motor vehicle crashes. Accident Alert is initiated on a jurisdictional and geographical basis, in other words, some cities may be on accident alert whereas others may not depending on how the weather conditions are affecting their area.


While accident alert is in effect, officers will only respond if the following circumstances exist:


  • Vehicles are disabled due to damage.
  • Accident involves a fatality or an injury requiring medical attention.
  • Alcohol or drugs are involved.
  • Accident is an alleged hit and run.
  • There is damage to public property.

Most jurisdictions let their communities know when an alert is in effect through local radio stations, road messaging signs and e-notifications. If you are involved in an accident and are not sure if your area is on accident alert, call the police.

BICYCLE REGULATIONS - What rules and regulations apply to bicycles?
Anyone who operates a bicycle must obey official traffic control signals, signs and other traffic control devices that apply to vehicles.
Ride on the right/Never ride against traffic.
Ride in the right lane, except when passing another vehicle, preparing for a left turn or avoiding hazards. Always ride with the flow of traffic. Ride on the paved shoulder whenever suitable.
Ride single file.
Ride two abreast only when no motor vehicle traffic is approaching within 300 feet (front or rear) or when all cyclists are on the shoulder. On curving canyon roads, play it safe and ride single file.
Obey traffic laws, signs and signals.
Use hand signals to indicate left or right turns, slowing or stopping.
Use a headlight, taillight and reflectors at night/Make eye contact with drivers.
Never assume motorists see you or that you have the right-of-way. Expect the unexpected; your first responsibility is to avoid a crash.


Always wear a helmet.


BONDSMAN - What can a bondsman do for me?
A commercial bail bondsman may secure a defendant's release from custody and assure the court of the defendant's future appearance. A non-refundable fee is paid to the bondsman for this service. The contract between the bondsman and the defendant is a personal business matter between them and outside influence of the court.


FINGERPRINTING SERVICES - Do you offer fingerprinting services?
Yes. Vail Police Department provides civilian fingerprinting services for Vail municipal license purposes only. Fingerprint cards are printed in pairs for a fee of $10 cash or check. Photo ID required.
For all other fingerprinting purposes, such as employment, immigration and visas, civilians are directed to go through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS) program. To begin the CABS process and to register for an appointment, star at one of the following CABS approved vendors below: (Locations in Frisco, Avon, and Glenwood Springs.) (Locations in Breckenridge and Glenwood Springs.) 


For further questions or assistance regarding CABS please use the following methods: 720-292-2722 833-224-2227 (Toll Free)

LANDLORD TENANT ISSUES - A landlord has violated the terms of the lease and was wondering who I need to talk to about this issue?
If you are having disputes with your landlord or tenant, please contact Community Housing Services at 303-831-1935. If you want to proceed civilly with a housing matter, you may also contact the Eagle County Court Office at 970-328-6373.


LOST & FOUND –  Who do I call if I’ve lost personal property in Vail?
The Town of Vail and Vail Resorts operate a centralized database for lost and found items in Vail and on Vail Mountain. The online retrieval system is supported by Chargerback, a web-based database that matches lost and found items and ships the property back to its owners if the item isn’t immediately recovered on site. The Vail Police Department is the central repository for items found in Vail.  This would cover anything lost in the Village or at the base of the mountain area.  Vail Resorts Lost & Found stores everything found on the mountain.
Vail Police Department Lost & Found: 970-479-2210
Vail Resorts Lost & Found: 970-754-3059



NOISE OR ANIMAL COMPLAINT - A dog is loose in my yard. Who do I contact?
The Town of Vail contracts with Eagle County for animal control services. Please call 970-328-DOGS. Unless the animal in question is an immediate threat, please DO NOT dial 9-1-1.



NOISE OR ANIMAL COMPLAINT - There is a bear loose in my yard. What do I do?
Vail is a rural community and, as such, is home to many wild animals. The most important point to remember is not to panic or startle the animal. If you encounter a bear, back away slowly while facing the bear. Avoid direct contact and give the bear plenty of room to escape. If you are a resident of Vail and would like to report a bear in your yard or inside your house or to report property damage caused by a bear, please call Vail Communications Center at 970-479-2201.



NOISE OR ANIMAL COMPLAINT - What can I do if I have a dog complaint?
Call Vail Communications Center at 970-479-2201 if you are reporting a dog ordinance violation. In Vail, dogs must stay within 10 feet of an owner in a residential neighborhood. Leashes are required for dogs in the commercial areas of Vail Village, Lionshead and the West Vail shopping districts. Dogs must also be leashed if using a Vail recreation path and in town parks, except Ford Park or within 100 feet of an athletic field.



NOISE OR ANIMAL COMPLAINTS - What help can I get for illegal noise problems?
To report illegal noise problems, please call the Vail Communications Center at 970-479-2201.



PARKING - How can I get a handicap parking permit?
The Vail Police Department issues handicap parking permits at the front counter Monday through Saturday from 7:30am to 5:30pm. The permits can be used only within the Town of Vail. If you need a statewide permit, please contact any Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles Department.



PARKING - Where do I park my recreational/oversized vehicle while in Vail?
A Special Permit can be obtained at the Vail Parking Office. Call 970-479-2445 or at the Lionshead Parking Structure Booth (395 S Frontage Rd, Vail, CO 81657). Parking rates apply. Special Permit parking is on a first come, first serve basis. No overnight camping is allowed in your vehicle, so be sure to make other arrangements for your sleeping accommodations. If you are seeking an alternative place to park your vehicle, there is an RV campground off of Bighorn Road in Vail, the rest stop in Edwards, (west of Vail on Interstate 70) and the Gore Creek Campground in Minturn (four miles west of Vail - 24747 US Highway 24). The Gore Creek Campground accommodates smaller RVs and is located in East Vail at the end of Big Horn Rd. The campground is operated by the US Forest Service and is outside the Town of Vail’s city limits. There is also a rest area in Edwards, Colorado just off of I70 at mm 163 approximately 13 miles west of Vail.



PASSPORT ISSUES - What should I do if my passport is lost or stolen while in Vail?
The Vail Police Department's Records section is the repository for items found in the Town of Vail. Please check with us if your passport goes missing and you think it was lost or stolen in the town. We will hold on to passports issued in the United States for 30 days and then they are mailed to the Department of State, Passport Services, Consular of lost/stolen passports in Washington D.C. If you have an non-U.S. passport, please check the US Department of State website at:, where you will find various helpful links and guidelines on reporting, replacing and obtaining copies of your passport records. If you need this document for air travel purposes, contact your airline and they will instruct you on their requirements for boarding.  
Vail Police Records Section:  970-479-2210
US Embassy or Consulate for lost/stolen passports: 877-487-2778



RECORDS - How do I get a copy of a background check on myself or someone else?
Contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by phone at 303-239-4680 or visit CBI is a division of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and is the central repository of criminal arrest records for the State of Colorado.



RECORDS - How do I get a copy of an accident or incident report?
The Vail Police Department maintains accident reports for 10 years. The cost of the report is $.025 per page ($1.00 if sent by postal mail). To obtain a copy of a traffic collision report, contact the Vail Police Records Section by:
1. telephone: 970.479.2210
2. email:
3. in person or postal mail: Vail Police Records, 75 S Frontage Road, Vail, CO 81657
4. online:



RECORDS - How do I get a police clearance letter?
You may obtain a clearance letter at the Records Section of the Vail Police Department between Monday through Saturday, 7:30am to 5:30pm. You will need a picture ID. A records check for your criminal history will be conducted for history within the Town of Vail only. For a statewide records check, please contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation by phone or on the Internet.
By phone: 303-239-4680
By Internet:



RECORDS - I need to have a pre-employment background check performed on a prospective employee. How do I accomplish this?
You can have a pre-employment background check (based on name and date of birth) performed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation by phone or through the Internet.
By phone: 303-239-4680
By Internet:



REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS - How can I find out if a convicted sex offender lives in my neighborhood?
The Town of Vail’s sex offender list is available to anyone who asks for it. Obtain a form requesting the list from the Vail Police Records Section located at 75 S Frontage Rd, Vail.
The Colorado sex offender registry is available online at It includes only those persons convicted of certain acts of unlawful sexual behavior since July 1, 1991 and who are in compliance with sex offender registration laws.



REPORTING – When should I call 9-1-1?



In an emergency situation, always call 9-1-1. For those who are speaking or hearing impaired, text 911.


  1. Have your home address and phone number displayed on all your phones. This can help children and visitors to give accurate information in case of an emergency.
  2. If you dialed 911 in error, do not hang up. Stay on the line and explain to the dispatcher that you dialed 911 by mistake. If you hang up and do not answer your phone upon call back, a police officer will be sent to your house.
  3. Do not program 911 into your speed dial.
  4. Stay calm.The more information you are able to give a dispatcher, the better they will be able to serve you.


REPORTING – How do I file a report?
It is important to report all crime no matter how small. 
By telephone: 970-479-2201
In person: Vail Police Department, 75 S Frontage Rd, Vail, CO 81657


REPORTING – Can I report something anonymously?
Call the Vail Communications Center at 970-479-2201 and provide as much detail as you know. Tell the Dispatcher you want your name to be kept confidential.



REPORTING – I have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Do I need to report it?
If you are involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, you must stop and identify yourself to the other driver(s) or property owner. You must also report the accident to your local law enforcement agency no matter how minor within 24 hours of the accident.



REPORTING – How can I make a complaint?
Call the Vail Communications Center at 970-479-2201 and provide as much detail as you know.



REPORTING – How can I report a non-emergency?
For all non-emergency situations, call the Vail Communications Center at 970-479-2201. The Center dispatches for every Emergency Services Agency in Eagle County with the exception of Colorado State Patrol which is dispatched out of Montrose.



TICKET - I don't agree with my ticket? What can I do?
You should call Vail Municipal Court at 970-479-2129 if you were issued a municipal ticket or Eagle County at 970-328-6373 if you were issued a county ticket. A court date will be assigned. You will be responsible for additional court costs if you are found guilty.



TOWED/IMPOUNDED VEHICLES - My vehicle was towed from a town street or a parking structure and I was wondering where I need to go to pick it up.
If your vehicle is towed from a location in Vail, you can call the Vail Police Department non-emergency dispatch at 970-479-2201 and ask if there is record of your vehicle being towed. The Vail Police Department contracts West Vail Shell as their primary tow service provider. Vehicles towed by West Vail Shell on behalf of the police department will be towed to West Vail Shell at 2313 N. Frontage Rd. in Vail or West Vail Shell’s Minturn storage lot.  West Vail Shell can be contacted at 970-476-3394. You are responsible for paying the tow bill to the service company who towed your vehicle.  Sometimes vehicles are towed from private property at the request of a private party. Tow companies are required to alert Vail Police Dispatch when towing vehicles from private property. If the information was not provided to VPD Dispatch you may need to research the tow companies to find out where your vehicle was towed. If a vehicle is involved in a serious car crash that may require follow up investigation or is involved in criminal activity it may be towed to the Vail Police Department’s secure impound lot. Vail Police Dispatch can confirm if your car was towed to the VPD impound. Tow fees and storage fees may apply for vehicles towed to the VPD impound lot. A valid driver’s license and proof of insurance and ownership may be required to retrieve a vehicle from West Vail Shell or Vail PD impound.     



TRAFFIC - What are some helpful tips for driving in the Roundabout?


  1. Slow down upon entry. Speeds of 15 mph or less are adequate.
  2. Yield to your left before you enter the roundabout. 
  3. Enter the roundabout. Once inside, do not stop. You have the right-of-way. 
  4. Look for your destination sign. 
  5. Exit the roundabout toward your destination. Remember to use your turn signals. 
  6. Miss your exit? No problem, just go around one more time. 
  7. On a bicycle? Use the same vehicular movements.

VAIL LOADING & DELIVERY - What are the loading and delivery policies for Vail?
For information, visit


VAIL PASS CLOSURE - What do I do or who do I call to get information when the pass is closed?
There are important numbers you can call to obtain information about the pass closure and information relating to your travels.
Road Conditions: 970-479-2226, 303-639-1111, 1-877-315-ROAD  
Statewide:  511
Lodging and Local Info: 970-479-1304 or 970-479-1385
Emergency Shelter: 970-926-3704 or 970-471-3704
Please do not call 911 for pass closure or road condition information    
You may also tune your radio to FM stations, 92.3, 93.1, 95.3, 101.5, 103.1, 104.7, 105.5 or AM stations 1610.  You can tune to Channel 10 for road closure updates and Channel 31 for The Weather Channel.
If you have internet access, you can go to This site has valuable travel information and web cam shots from Denver to Vail, Vail to Denver.  



WARRANTS - How can I clear a warrant?
The Vail Municipal Court issues warrants which are valid statewide. There may be an outstanding warrant if you have missed an appearance date, failed to comply with a court order or failed to pay a fine. Information regarding the amount of the warrant and other details may be obtained by calling the Vail Municipal Court at 970-479-2129. To resolve a warrant, you should appear on Thursday morning of a scheduled court date at 8:30am. If you surrender yourself on a Thursday, you may appear for arraignment at 10:00am the same day and will not be required to post a bond. If you are contacted by a police officer and have an active warrant, you must post a bond to secure release from custody. You may post a cash bond whose proceeds may be applied to future fines imposed by the court or returned partial or in full, depending on the obligations to the court. If you are out of state and wish to address an outstanding warrant, please call the court at 970-479-2129.



WARRANTS - How do I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?
To find out if you have a warrant, you can appear in person or send a representative to the Vail Police Department main lobby at 75 South Frontage Road, Vail, Colorado.


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