Letter From The Chief

police chief town of vailAs Chief of the Town of Vail Police Department I find it an honor to lead a law enforcement agency comprised of 63 highly valued men and women.

All of us at the department are truly dedicated to serving, with the highest of integrity, the citizens and guests of this mountain resort town. Vail is both a thriving mountain community and an internationally recognized winter and summer resort. It is located 100 miles west of Denver and hosts approximately 1.6 million skier visitors each winter season. During peak periods, the average daily winter population reaches over 20,000. Summer visitor numbers are constantly increasing to similar levels as winter.

Community Policing is a cornerstone of the Vail Police Department’s organizational philosophy. It is not a static endeavor but one that responds to an ever-changing situation. We make it a practice to observe fundamental principles to promote community and police partnerships in a proactive problem-solving manner. This routine has proven eminently effective and one where community engagement helps address the causes of crime, the fear of crime and other quality of life community issues. One key to our success is the empowerment of seven Vail Police Department work teams to make operational decisions that enable everyone to accomplish a shared community vision and purpose.

It is our conviction and our duty to treat all people, not just with courtesy, fairness and professionalism, but also with politeness and respect. As we approach our vocation in this manner, it comes naturally that we enjoy our work while assuring that our community and its guests also enjoy life.

All of us in the Vail Police Department are thankful for the cooperation and support given to us by the officials, citizens and visitors of Vail. Their proven trust, support and cooperation make our jobs more enriching and positive.

We welcome walk-ins, telephone calls and letters. However, in this age of high-speed communications, many of you may find that our introduction of this web page may prove to be an easier means of sharing information and ideas. The most meaningful suggestions for improvement need to come from those we are here to serve. Therefore to pass on your comments and suggestions, just click on dhenninger@vailgov.com and tell us what you think. The better we communicate with one another and the more you get to know the Vail Police Department, the better community we will have to enjoy.

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