Police Operations

The Operations Division oversees a Field Branch of six patrol sergeants, 17 police officers, six full-time code enforcement officers, and two detectives.

The Field Brand includes Patrol and Code Enforcement. They perform a variety of duties including calls for service, routine reports, arrests, criminal investigations, traffic accident investigation, traffic enforcement, proactive and preventive patrol and general community activities. As with all other divisions of the Department, they are trained and empowered to make decisions and participate in activities which support the principles of community policing.

The uniformed civilian branch is comprised of six code enforcement officers who serve on two day-shift teams supervised by a patrol sergeant. They are responsible for the education and enforcement of non-criminal municipal codes, quality of life violations and assist with Vail Pass closures in instances of inclement weather or severe traffic accidents.

Department members serve on:

  • The Northwest Incident Management Team
  • The Eagle County Law Enforcement Immigrant Advisory Committee
  • The Volunteer Interpreters Program
  • A countywide Sexual Offender Registration Team
  • Special Operations Unit
  • Public Information Group
  • Drug Recognition Expert Section of the IACP
  • Colorado Intelligence Analysis Center
  • Terrorism Liaison Force
  • Gore Range DUI Task Force
  • Eagle County Public Safety Council
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