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Important Changes to EC Alert; How to Continue Receiving Updates for Non-Emergency Alerts

  • 29 January 2021
Important Changes to EC Alert; How to Continue Receiving Updates for Non-Emergency Alerts

Effective Feb. 1, Eagle County’s EC Alert service will change how it delivers non-emergency messages. Non-emergency messaging from EC Alert will no longer be sent as text messages; instead, the messaging for announcements such as traffic alerts, area alerts, business alerts and red flag warnings will be sent via email and the Everbridge app.

Messaging regarding emergency activities such as evacuations or incidents causing imminent danger that are taking place in the county will continue to be sent via text message, email, phone calls and included within the Everbridge app. The app is free and available for both Apple and Android devices. 

The change is a result of new formatting from Everbridge, the vendor who provides the EC Alert service in Eagle County. Users of EC Alert should find that receiving messages through the mobile Everbridge app provides a better message experience. 

The benefits of using the app to receive messages are:

  • Longer messages will be received in the app in their entirety.
  • Messages displayed through the app can include images, hyperlinks and additional formatting options.
  • All notifications show up in one feed without cluttering your text message feed.
  • Notifications in the app are easy to find and easy to read. New and unread messages are marked with an orange dot to make them easier to find. Unneeded messages can easily be deleted. Keep all, some or none.
  • Users can manage their account from the app. Update your subscriptions,
  • profile information contact methods and more.
  • Apps make it easy to silence notifications whenever needed through your
  • smartphone’s built-in quiet time management.

To use the Everbridge app to receive notifications, download the app from your smartphone’s app store, then search for Eagle County and select Eagle County Public Alerts, then log in to your account or create one. If you experience difficulties finding your username or password, or need instructions on downloading and using the Everbridge app, visit For more information and instructions for downloading the app, click here

  • Documents to download

Documents to download


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