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Engineering, Admin & Construction Inspections

Delivers sustainable infrastructure and quality services that benefit the public and add value to the community.

The Public Works Department engineering/construction inspection program provides town engineer services, signage control, transportation engineering, ROW construction project inspections, mapping, capital project development, design, procurement and construction management, consultant management and development review functions.

The Public Works Department administration program provides all cost-accounting, reporting, contracts, department-specific public relations, budgeting analysis and forecasting; execution, purchasing and billing; and management of the town's internal employee housing program. 

Employees included in this division:

Position Employee
Director Greg Hall
Town Engineer Tom Kassmel, PE
Capital Projects Manager Todd Oppenheimer
Landscape Architect Gregg Barrie
Project Engineer Chad Salli, PE
Construction Inspector Leonard Sandoval
Construction Inspector Chris Delles
General Services Administrator Susie Hervert
Department Secretary  Janeil Turnbull 
GIS Coordinator Sean Koenig



  • Public Way Permit:  Required for all street cuts, grading, staging, construction parking, and any other use of Public Ways, Road Right of Way, Easements, and other Public Lands
  • Revocable Right of Way Permit: Required for all Private Improvements constructed on Public Lands (Landscape, walls, driveways, etc...)
  • Dewatering Permit:  Required for all dewatering operations necessary to facilitate large excavations.
  • Soil Nail License Agreement: Standard license agreement necessary to allow temporary soil nail excavation shoring to occur within Public Lands.
  • Sidewalk/Streetscape & Snowmelt: Maintenance agreement required for all Public streetscape and snowmelt systems that are privately  run and/or constructed.  
  • Floodplain Use Permit:  Required for all temporary grading within the 100 Yr. Floodplain. (See Town Code Title 12-21)

2019 Construction Hours

The Vail Village and Lionshead Village are invaluable assets to the community. Thousands of people come to Vail each year to sightsee, recreate, shop and to enjoy everything the Vail Valley has to offer. The community and merchants rely upon our guests to generate revenue. Our summer/winter guests expect a pleasant experience while in Vail.

To insure all of the proposed construction has as little negative impact on the community and on our guests as possible, the Town of Vail finds it imperative to create, implement the Vail Village and Lionshead Village Construction Information Handout.

It would be irresponsible for the Town of Vail, the construction contractors and the merchants, to not actively participate to minimize the impact of construction in the Vail and Lionshead Village areas.

2019 Construction Hours Handout




Contact Info

Tom Kassmel

Leonard Sandoval
Construction Inspection

Susie Hervert

Admin Building:
Public Works Admin Bldg
1309 Elkhorn Drive
Vail, Colorado 81657

Fleet Building:
Public Works Fleet Bldg
1289 Elkhorn Drive
Vail, Colorado 81657