Weed Ordinance Violation Notice

Since 2004, the Town of Vail has taken numerous actions towards the elimination and management of noxious weeds on public and private property.

By nature, noxious weeds are highly invasive, spread quickly to adjacent property, drive out native species and can reduce property values, making containment and management of these species critical. This year the town is increasing its efforts to combat invasive species by continuing its valley wide digital tracking and assessment program for each invasive species. This program allows the town and residents to determine zones of impact, identify relative severity of specific species, and subsequently allows the town to prioritize management areas and evaluate abatement efficiencies. In light of this new tracking and management plan the Town of Vail is asking for public support by submitting a Weed Management Form through the Town of Vail noxious weed webpage, if a Weed Ordinance Violation Notice was received. Supplementary noxious weed information is also available here.


If you have received a Weed Ordinance Violation notice select the option below to complete a weed management form online. 

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Weed & Pest Management
Kris Gandrud




Town of Vail Noxious Weed Program

Noxious Weed Species Summaries & Management Strategies


Use the list below to help identify what weeds you are needing to address on your property.  Select the image and or name to view a detailed pdf for that specific species.





Myrtle Spurge Several private and public Lionsridge Loop area
Absinthe Wormwood Significant Roads and open space
Canada Thistle Significant Roads and open space
Chinese Clematis One occurrence East Vail private garden
Common Tansy Several patches Parks, roadsides, private gardens
Dames Rocket Patches Roads and open space
Dalmation Toadflax Two occurrences Open space
Hoary Cress Patches Roads and open space
Houndstongue Patches Roads and open space
Leafy Spurge Several private and public West Vail
Musk Thistle Significant Roads and open space
Oxeye Daisy Significant Roads and open space
Plumeless Thistle Significant Roads and open space
Scentless Chamomile Significant Roads and open space
Scotch Thistle One location Along Cortina Lane
Spotted Knapweed One occurrence East Vail
Sulfur Cinquefoil Patches Roads and open space
Yellow Toadflax Significant Roads and open space
Common Mullein Significant Roads and open space



Town of Vail Noxious Weed Program

Local Herbicide Applicators List


The list of licensed herbicide applicators is provided by the Town of Vail for educational or informational purposes only. No endorsement is implied, omissions may occur and other information sources should be consulted. Pesticide applicators are licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.






All Valley Pest Control Richard Tadus 970-945-7826 Glenwood Springs
Alpine Tree Services Jake Fiala 970-389-4964 Breckenridge
Aspen Tree Service Paul Mansolilli 970-963-3071 Carbondale
Atchison Vegetation Management Robin Gayle 970-963-1222 Carbondale
Bio Balance Peter Drummond 970-406-0036 Breckenridge
Catamount Spraying Company Todd Schlegal 970-471-6240 Burns
Ceres Land Care Rick Herwehe 970-453-9154 Breckenridge
Fire Ready of Glenwood Springs Richard Edwards 970-309-5500 Glenwood Springs
Greg Gentry Weed Control Greg Gentry 970-262-2011 Dillon
Land and Arbor Concepts Tammy Misner 970-485-1437 Eagle
Mesa Turf Masters John Quast 970-926-8873 Edwards
Mountain Valley Ventures Jana Donahue 970-524-6906 Eagle
Old Growth Tree Services Mike Earl 970-401-0274 Avon
Prima Plant Services Kim Bock 970-963-6113 Carbondale
Roaring Fork Vegetation Management Matt Johnson 970-963-9723 Basalt
Rocky Mountain Custom Landscapes Craig Keithly 970-748-8461 Gypsum
Weed Wizard Kristen Manguso 970-531-1366 Kremmling
Weedy Pie's Vegetation Management Lisa Taylor 970-333-3278 Leadville



Free On-Site Consultations

If you think you may have noxious weeds, report them to the town. Free on-site consultations will be offered by town staff Monday thru Wednesday between 9 am and 4 pm throughout the summer, beginning late May.

Use the form below to request a consultation.  You may also call 970-479-2158 if you prefer.