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Electric Cars & Charging Stations

Town of Vail EV Charging Stations 

To accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicle charging capacity, 12 multi-port Level 2 electric vehicle ChargePoint charging stations are available (6 in the Vail Village parking structure, 1 in the Lionshead garage and 5 in the Red Sandstone Parking Garage). These Level 2 Stations are free to use and depending on utilization may deliver 10 to 20 miles of range per hour of charging. In addition, there are 4 single-port Level 3 DC Fast Chargers available in the short-term parking of the Lionshead Parking Structure. These Level 3 charging stations can deliver 60 to 80 miles of range in 20 minutes of charging and have an associated cost to use. The rate structure includes a combined charge rate for energy and time used.

Charge for energy used                      $ 0.20/kWh
Charge timed rate                               $ 0.25/minute

Parking in a charging station while not actively charging an electric vehicle is illegal per Colorado State Statue 43-2-1214. Persons are prohibited from:

  • Parking in the space if the vehicle is not an electric vehicle;
  • Using a dedicated charging station for parking if the electric vehicle is not charging.

The penalty for a violation is a $150 fine.

Charging Station Locations in Vail

Vail Village Parking Structure - All Level 2 Chargers

P3 - 4 Level 2 charging ports on the West end of the South Wall
P2 - 2 Level 2 charging ports spaced on the center of the North wall
P2 - 4 Level 2 charging ports on the East end
P1 - 2 Level 2 charging ports on the East end of the North Wall

Lionshead Parking Structure

P1 - 2 Level 2 charging ports on the East end of the South wall
P1 Short Term Parking - 4 Level 3 DC Fast charging stations on center wall of the West end

  • The cost for using the Level 3 DC Fast Charger is a combination of energy and time used while charging.

    Charge for energy used                      $ 0.20/kWh
    Charge timed rate                               $ 0.25/minute

Red Sandstone Parking Structure

Requires a parking permit and offers some public parking on Level 1 and Level 2 during the summer months.

P1 - 2 Level two charging ports
P2 - 2 Level two charging ports
P3 -2 Level two charging ports East end
P3 - 2 Level two charging ports West end
P4 - 2 Level two charging ports

For more information contact the Vail Welcome Center at 970.476.4790, or visit for all statewide and national charging locations.

Parking Sales

  • Phone: 970-479-2104

Please call 970-479-2445 after hours. 

Police Lost & Found:

24 Hour Bus Information:

  • Phone: 970-477-3456