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Town of Vail Launches Community Planning Process to Identify Safety Improvements along Vail Valley Drive

  • 6 May 2019
Town of Vail Launches Community Planning Process to Identify Safety Improvements along Vail Valley Drive

The Town of Vail is inviting residents of the Golf Course neighborhood as well as cyclists, bike shops and other recreationalists to assist in the development of recommendations for safety improvements along Vail Valley Drive from Ford Park to Sunburst Drive. This three-quarter mile stretch of roadway has become increasingly dangerous due to the conflicts associated with the sharing of travel lanes by cars, buses, cyclists and pedestrians. The route is considered part of the Gore Valley Trail which extends from West Vail to East Vail. The road is also used as a transit route for the Golf Course bus and for access to the soccer field and public parking.

At the direction of the Vail Town Council, the design team of Roaring Fork Engineering and Norris Design has been hired to work with the community and staff to evaluate separation concepts intended to provide a safer and aesthetically pleasing experience for all users. 

The first phase of the planning process begins Tuesday, May 7, when a short, online survey will be posted to the town’s online discussion forum, The survey will help to identify existing safety concerns along Vail Valley Drive. Interested participants are encouraged to visit to register to take part. For those who are already active on the site via the Civic Area Plan project, an email notification will be sent to all registered users inviting them to sign in when the Vail Valley Drive survey goes live. Opportunities to take part in the survey will continue to June 10.

After this first information-gathering phase is complete, concepts will be evaluated and presented at a public open house later in the summer as well as regular updates on Final recommendations are scheduled to be presented to the Town Council in the fall.

For more information on the Vail Valley Drive Safety Improvements outreach, contact project manager Tom Kassmel in the Public Works Department at 970-479-2235 or email



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