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Environmental Programs

In Vail, protection of our natural resources is a way of life. Following are a list of environmental programs/initiatives with in the Town of Vail:

Gore Creek Protection

The town has been working with the Eagle River Watershed Council since 2001 contributing over $400,000 to prevent more traction sand from reaching the Black Gore and Gore Creeks. In 2006, a $100,000 contribution was allocated for cleaning sand out of a pond area in Black Gore Creek, monitoring health of Gore Creek and working with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to reduce negative impacts on Gore Creek. Additionally, an in-stream sediment basin is was completed in 2007. During the past several years, the Eagle River Watershed Council has utilized contributions from the town, Eagle County, CDOT and other grants totaling $4.5 million to assist with traction sand solutions on Vail Pass.

Storm Water Compliance

The town’s Environmental Health officer works with business to assure best management practices with storm water compliance. This includes working with business to avoid erosion and events that may have negative impacts on Gore Creek.

The Sole Power Challenge

With 16 miles of recreation paths throughout Vail, you can bike, hike or blade to your destination instead of driving your car. All Eagle Valley residents are encouraged to sign up today at and help us reduce our carbon footprint. The Challenge runs from Memorial Day to October 1st each year. Win prizes, get fit, and save the planet!


Love Vail Recycle Campaign

If you love it here, recycle here. Vail is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Which is why those of us lucky enough to live, visit, and play here care about keeping our footprint small, our resources plentiful, and our contribution to sustainability top of mind. It’s the least we can do for the place we all love.


Kick the Bag Habit

In order to address environmental and waste issues associated with plastic bags, the Vail Town Council approved Ordinance 2, Series 2015 on March 3rd, 2015 adopting the “Kick the Bag Habit” Program. On August 1st, 2015 single-use plastic carry out bags will no longer be available in the town grocery stores. Paper bags will continue to be available at a $0.10 fee. Both plastic and paper bags are included in the program as part of an effort to reduce the town’s total resource consumption. Frequently Asked Questions.


Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

The Town of Vail hosts a Community Recycling Drop off Center behind the Community Development Department at 75 S. Frontage Rd. Accepted items include office paper, newspaper, magazines, plastics (numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7), metal, glass, aluminum, cardboard and paperboard. No plastic bags, hardcover books or trash are permitted. For information, call 970-477-3455.


Solar Production Units

The Town of Vail has installed rooftop solar on the Vail Village Welcome Center, Golf Course Clubhouse, Lionshead Transit Center, and Lionshead Welcome Center. These projects help offset the energy use of those facilities and can feed power back into the electrical grid when excess power is generated. Combined, these facilities have generated over 100 Megawatt hours of electricity. That is enough energy provide a year’s worth of electricity for 10.4 homes. Are you interested in installing solar at your property? Please call the Community Development Office at 970-479-2138 to speak with a planner. The new Golf Course Clubhouse is also having roof top solar installed and real time stats will be available as soon as production begins.

Check out real time solar production of the Lionshead Welcome center and Lionshead Transit Center Below:


Electronic Recycling Event

The Town of Vail hosts an annual Community Wide electronic recycling event located at Ford Park. This years event will be held on May 11 from 10-3 and will include the opportunity for paper shredding. A nominal fee of .20/pound for electronic devices  and $10/box of shredding will be collected during the event.

TOV Annual Clean Up Day

Participate in the town's annual clean up day held each spring, or adopt a section of public land and keep it clean year-round.

The 2018 event was held on Sunday, April 29. Over 60 volunteers attended the event, donating their time on behalf of 27 Eagle County Non-Profit organizations.

River Clean Up

Each year the town partners with the Eagle River Watershed for the annual river clean, up which includes clean up along Gore Creek.

Free Disposal of Used Oil and Antifreeze

The Town of Vail collects used oil and antifreeze free of charge from Vail households. Oil or antifreeze may be dropped off from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday at the Town of Vail’s Public Works fleet facility at 1309 Elkhorn Drive. Oil and antifreeze should not be contaminated with any other product. Freon is not accepted. For more information, call 970-479-2162.

Energy Smart Colorado

Click here for details.


Weatherization Program - Free Home Energy Improvements

Did you know the average low-income household spends 17 percent of its income on residential energy as opposed to only four percent for the average American family, according to the Department of Energy?

Vail’s Environmental Sustainability Office is encouraging qualifying households, including renters, to apply for free home energy improvements. Services include caulking, weather stripping, insulation, furnace tune-ups, plus installation of storm windows, new energy-efficient furnaces and refrigerators. More than $2.75 million has been awarded to the region to help supplement an ongoing energy assistance program as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the federal stimulus recovery plan.

The program is sponsored locally by the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) which provides weatherization services to a 13-county region, including Eagle County. Steve Getz, energy management director of NWCCOG, says the improvements are intended to provide households with additional income to spend within their communities due to reduced energy consumption and heating costs. “Due to the increased funding provided by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Governor’s Energy Office, we will be able to provide a complete package of cost-effective services to all households,” he said. There is no cap on individual awards and the funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To qualify, annual household income must meet the following guidelines: $21,660 for one-person; $29,140 for two-people; $36,620, for three-people; $44,100 for four-people; $51,580 for five people; and $59,060 for six people. The program is available to qualifying property owners as well as renters. Applications are available by clicking here or by calling NWCCOG at 1-800-332-3669, ext. 103.

Applications are accepted year-round with an estimated 30-day processing period. Once approved, weatherization specialists from NWCCOG are assigned to create an estimate for the work, perform the improvements and conduct inspections.

For information on the free home energy improvements, contact Getz at 1-800-332-3669, ext. 103, or Kristen Bertuglia at 970-477-3455.

Celebrate Green! Vail's Green Events Program

As hosts, producers and sponsors of events in the Town of Vail, we have a responsibility to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the environment we and our guests enjoy. In 2009, Vail’s Sustainability office launched the green events program to help our events go green!

Check out the green events check list and resource guide to see how other produces are reducing their environmental footprints!

Producers must complete the check list that is included in the special events permit.

Colorado Carbon Fund

Interested in offsetting your event, your vacation, or your overall carbon footprint?

The Town of Vail partners with the Colorado Carbon Fund to encourage verified, local, renewable energy projects in the State of Colorado. The Colorado Carbon Fund provides high quality carbon offsets to consumers as a way to support new energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our state. Visit to get more information.

Open Space

Over 33 percent of the Town of Vail has been purchased by the town to be saved as open space for future generations.

Christmas Tree Recycling/Free Mulch

The town offers free curbside Christmas tree recycling during the holidays. The town composts and/or chips all branches, grass clippings and leaves to be used for mulch and compost. Left over mulch is then provided free to Vail residents.

$3.2 million Energy Efficiency Overhaul

In 2011-2012, the Town invested $3.2 million in upgrading its facilities to reduce energy and water use. Upgrades include new LED lighting in the Vail Village and Lionshead Parking Structures, building envelope changes, new windows, low flow fixtures.

TOV’s Hybrid Family

Demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship, the Town of Vail operates 8 hybrid buses on its in-town routes, and several hybrid fleet vehicles, including Toyota Highlanders and Prius', in use by the Community Development and Transit departments. As older vehicles come out of service, the town replaces them with more fuel efficient, lower emission vehicles including hybrids and smaller cars whenever possible.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Click here for electric car charging infomration.

Public Transportation

More than 1 million passengers a year rely on Vail's pollution-reducing transportation alternative, known as the largest free transit system in the U.S. This, along with an aggressive schedule of route expansions offered by the ECO regional system, creates opportunities to reduce, even eliminate vehicle dependency.


Kristen Bertuglia
Environmental Sustainability Manager

Peter Wadden
 Water Quality Education Coordinator