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Lunch with the Locals is a FREE, monthly community lunch and ecology symposium hosted by the Town of Vail.

The purpose of the program is to raise awareness and educate the community about local environmental sustainability issues.  Thanks to our sponsoring partners, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District and High Five Access Media, we have begun to record and archive the presentations here so you can watch them even if you are not able to attend the event!


Recycling in Eagle County

Recycling in Eagle County with Nina Waysdorf from Walking Mountains Science Center and Beth Markham from the Town of Vail




The Lawn-Industrial Complex

Peter Wadden, the Vail Watershed Education Coordinator, dives into the history of how turf became ubiquitous in American landscaping, what some of the consequences of that are, and alternative landscaping options.




American Dipper

Peter Wadden, the Vail Watershed Education Coordinator presents a brief presentation on the American dipper talking about their adaptation, diet, locations and more other interesting facts.


Kristen Bertuglia
Environmental Sustainability Manager

Peter Wadden
 Water Quality Education Coordinator