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Is parking still free after 3 pm during the Winter?

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Yes, parking is free in the Vail Village and Lionshead parking structures from 3pm to 3am during the Winter 2018/2019 season. 

Please visit our Winter Parking page for more details on parking structure rates and times. 

4 comments on article "Is parking still free after 3 pm during the Winter?"


Gail OToole

1/25/2018 8:44 PM

Hello! My husband and I are staying in Beaver Creek and just returned from a lovely dinner in Vail. Unfortunately, however, we feel really cheated by Vail! We parked in the parking structure right behind the skating rink as we had been told that parking after 3pm is free. Much to our surprise, we were charges $50 on exit!!! I just called the parking info number on this site and they said that that is private parking!!! It appears to be marked as public parking both by the blue sign as well as from the map on this site. We feel wronged!!!


Town of Vail

1/29/2018 3:24 PM

Gail, we're so sorry to learn about your intention to park your vehicle in the town-operated Vail Village parking structure to enjoy an evening in Vail. Both the Vail Village and Lionshead parking garages offer free parking upon entry after 3 p.m. The Solaris garage offers public parking but is privately-operated with hourly pricing rates posted at the entry. We realize this scenario can be confusing for our guests. Please call the Town of Vail community relations office at 970-479-2115 to share your thoughts on how best to improve this circumstance. We value your feedback and we're sorry that you had to pay for parking that evening. We hope you'll return soon and enjoy free parking for après ski in Vail.


Henry Lehman

2/4/2018 3:47 PM

I parked this past Friday at 5:30 pm thought it was free and was charged $30 - not sure why?


Town of Vail

2/5/2018 8:35 AM

Henry, it would appear that you most likely parked in the privately-operated Solaris garage which does not provide free parking after 3 p.m. Please call the Town of Vail community relations office at 970-479-2115 to discuss.

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