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Town of Vail Planning

The Planning Team is responsible for the town's physical and socioeconomic planning, including development of plans and policies, land use, zoning and environmental review.

During the development review process, the team ensures proposed development directs the future of the community toward appropriate physical and economic growth compatible with our natural environment. A strong community engagement component is included in all planning efforts to ensure that the community is informed and involved in all decision-making processes. 


Planning Services

  • Review current planning applications
  • Coordinate the development review process
  • Develop long-range master plans
  • Provide technical assistance and planning information to town departments, the Town Council, Planning and Environmental Commission and Design Review Board
  • Implement the Sign, Zoning and Subdivision Regulations



East Vail Housing Development Plan

Booth Heights Timeline


An appeal hearing for the Triumph Development application for the development of the East Vail “Booth Heights Neighborhood”, located at 3700 N. Frontage Road East, near the East Vail I-70 Interchange (Exit 180) occurred with the Vail Town Council on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. The Vail Town Council voted 4-3 to uphold the PEC decision on the project. The PEC voted 4-3 to approve this development application on August 26, 2019. The Development Plan includes the construction of 61 residential units, including 30 units of deed-restricted employee housing, 19 deed-restricted townhomes, and 12 unrestricted townhomes. Included is an application for a Conditional Use Permit to allow for up to 30% of the GRFA on the site to be constructed as Dwelling Units (not employee housing units).  This 5.4 acre parcel of land is located within the Housing (H) zone district. Within the Housing (H) zone district, development standards including Lot Area and Site Dimensions, Building Height, and Density Control (including Gross Residential Floor Area) are determined by the Planning and Environmental Commission as part of their review of the Development Plan.

A detailed Wildlife Habitat Mitigation Plan and Environmental Impact Report have been submitted with the Development Plan. The Wildlife Habitat Mitigation Plan includes a Conservation Easement on the 17.9 acres NAP parcel, habitat enhancements on the adjacent bighorn sheep range to the west (owned by the Town of Vail and US Forest Service), a developer contribution of $100,000 to help fund these habitat enhancement efforts, plus prohibitions on dogs and short-term rentals. The Development Plan also includes a mitigation plan for the rockfall hazards in the vicinity, including construction of a rockfall berm to the uphill of the new development.

In 2017 Vail Resorts received approval to change the zoning on this 23.3 acre parcel of land to allow for a future employee housing development. The property was rezoned from its previous zoning of Two-Family Residential (R) district to new zoning of Housing (H) district (5.4 acres on the western portion of the site) and Natural Area Preservation (NAP) district (17.9 acres on the eastern portion of the site.)

Triumph Development has submitted an application for review and approval of the project by the Design Review Board. An initial, introductory meeting will occur on December 4, 2019 with additional meetings scheduled in January of 2020. The DRB application packet can be found here.


View the Wildlife Monitoring Report


To provide feedback, letters of support or letters of opposition, email:


For more information, please contact Jonathan Spence at (970) 479-2321 or




The Town of Vail is working with Victor Mark Donaldson Architects to develop a Master Plan for the future use and development of the Public Works Department site located at 1309 Elkhorn Dr. The purpose of the Public Works Master Plan is to provide a summary of the immediate needs and the long term use of the Public Works site. The Master Plan will provide a roadmap to guide future development of the site, while helping the Town to understand the possible costs and impacts of future development, and allowing for flexibility in implementation of the Plan.

The future needs and opportunities at the Public Works site were determined based upon interviews with key stakeholders and consultants for the Public Works facility, including Public Works employees (Administration, Fleet, Streets, Facilities, Transit, Electrical, and Carpentry), residents of Buzzard Park employee housing, technical consultants (Traffic Engineers, Structural Engineers, Electrical System Engineers, and Mechanical System Engineers), Town Manager, Housing Director, IT Director, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, and the Vail Recreation District staff.

Based on interviews with key stakeholders, Victor Mark Donaldson Architects developed a series of space needs and other functional needs for the Public Works facility, which were considered for the future of this site. The architects also documented existing conditions at the site, including Buzzard Park employee housing, Administration Building, Bus Garage, Fleet Maintenance, Greenhouse, Outdoor Storage areas, Snow Dump, and surrounding lands, including the hillside to the north of the existing buildings. The architects weighed the needs of the Town and the Public Works Department with opportunities and constraints of the site, including available land, topography, functionality, site access, solar orientation, zoning, Geologically Sensitive Areas (Rockfall and Debris Flow), utilities, and wildlife habitat.

On April 22, 2019, the Vail Planning and Environmental Commission recommended that the Vail Town Council adopt the Public Works Master Plan. Review by the Vail Town Council has been scheduled for May 7, 2019. 

For more information about the Public Works Master Plan, please contact Chris Neubecker, Planning Manager at (970) 479-2148 or

Public Works Master Plan (Pages 1-28)

Public Works Master Plan (Pages 29-50)

Public Works Master Plan – Appendix (Link)


Vail Mountain View Residences Special Development District

Gore Creek Group LLC is requesting an application for the establishment of a new Special Development District (SDD) for Vail Mountain View Residences to facilitate the construction of a new mixed-use building located at 430 South Frontage Road. The new building is referred to as Phase 2 of Vail Mountain View Residences, which is proposed to be constructed above the existing parking structure. Phase 1, the existing 23 residential condominiums, is proposed to be included in the SDD, bu the building will not be modified with this application. The proposed Phase 2 consists of deed0restricted employee housing, lodging accommodations, and residential condominiums.

Phase 1 (completed in 2008) under the High Density Multiple Family (HDMF) zone district and included the following:

  • 23 for-sale condominiums with 42,593 sq. ft. of GRFA
  • 112 parking space parking structure, intended for lease to the public
  • Conditional use permit to allow for the leasing of excess parking spaces which were constructed in anticipation of Phase 2

The proposed Phase 2 includes the following:

  • 15 for-sale dwelling units with 32,687 sq. ft. of GRFA, to be included in a voluntary rental management program
  • 20 attached accommodation units to all of the 15 of the dwelling units (five dwelling units have 2 lock-offs)
  • 15 employee housing units with 13,992 sq. ft. of GRFA
  • Parking to accommodate the proposed uses



Redevelopment of the East Wing of the Medical Campus

The redevelopment of the East Wing of Vail Health will involve the demolition of the existing medical building and parking structure and the construction of approximately 344,440 square feet of new space.  The reconstruction of the east wing will include healthcare facilities, ambulance district facilities, the heliport building and associated structured parking.





 Battle Mountain LLC, represented by Braun Associates, Inc., is proposing a six-story multi-family residential project consisting of the following components:

  • Nine (9) residential condominiums ranging in size from 2,265 square feet to 3,810 square feet totaling 24,590 square feet of GRFA
  • Three (3) on-site Type VII-IZ Employee Housing Units totaling 2,984 square feet, an increase of 525 square feet over the requirement.
  • A first floor lobby and common area including sitting areas, a fitness center, owner's storage and a small office for building management and short-term rental management.
  • A three (3) story underground automated parking system capable of providing up to 93 automobile parking spaces.
  • Associated site improvements and landscaping including pedestrian related improvements to the alley, including snow-melt.


  View the presentation regarding Geological Sensitive Areas here.




Map Downloads

Address Map Book

Address Map Book of the Town of Vail, developed for the Vail Fire Department by the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Team. Use of this map should be for general purposes only. This address map book includes building labels, labeled bus stops and fire hydrant locations. Where shown, parcel line work is approximate. The Town of Vail does not warrant the accuracy of the information depicted. Please communicate any errors or omissions directly to the Town of Vail GIS Team.

Commercial Core Area and Fee-in-Lieu Parking Map

Commercial Core Areas and Fee In Lieu Parking Map.

Construction Overview Map

Map of planned construction activity in Vail. Updated March 2018. Please contact the Engineering Division with questions.

Employee Housing Unit Map / EHU Map

Employee Housing Unit (EHU) Map - coded by general requirement category. As of May 1, 2015, there are 701 deed restricted employee housing units within the Town of Vail. This includes a mix of rental and for-sale units, some of which additionally contain a price appreciation cap. These units are dispersed from East Vail to West Vail. For exact requirements, please see the deed restriction recorded for a specific property. Please contact the Town of Vail Community Development Department with questions regarding EHU deed restrictions.

Geologically Sensitive Area - GSA: Avalanche Hazard Map

The Avalanche Hazard map was created based on an Evaluation of the Snow Avalanche Hazard in the Valley of Gore Creek report performed by the Institute of Artic and Alpine Research 1977. A copy of the Evaluation of the Snow Avalanche Hazard in the Valley of Gore Creek , Eagle County, Colorado, report can be obtained by contacting the Town of Vail Community Development Department.

Geologically Sensitive Area - GSA: Debris Flow Hazard Map

The Debris Flow Hazard map was created based on a Debris Flow and Debris Avalanche Hazard Analysis performed by Arthur Mears, P.E. Inc. in 1984. (An additional study was performed for the Highland Meadows neighborhoods of Vail however this information cannot be accessed on-line). A copy of the Debris Flow and Debris Avalanche Hazard Analysis can be obtained by contacting the Town of Vail Community Development Department.

Geologically Sensitive Area - GSA: Rock Fall Hazard Map

The Rock Fall Hazard map was created based on a Rockfall Study performed by Schmueser & Associates in 1984. (An additional study was performed for the Highland Meadows neighborhoods of Vail however this information cannot be accessed on-line). A copy of the Rockfall Study can be obtained by contacting the Town of Vail Community Development Department.

I-70 Milemarkers - Eagle County

Map showing milemarkers along I-70 through Eagle County.

I-70 Milemarkers - Vail

Map showing milemarkers along I-70 through Vail.

Land Use Map

Land Use map.

Open Space Map

Open Space map.

Stream Setback Map

Stream Setback map.

Zoning Map

Zoning map.

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