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Town of Vail Accepting Funding Requests from Special Event Producers for 2021 Events Occurring in Vail

  • 31 August 2020
Town of Vail Accepting Funding Requests from Special Event Producers for 2021 Events Occurring in Vail

The Town of Vail Commission on Special Events is currently accepting funding requests from special event producers for 2021 events occurring in Vail. The RFP application, guidelines and accompanying information are available for submission online.

The Town of Vail has consistently been a leader in delivering a world-class calendar of events which grows partner brands, generates revenues and supports causes from locally to globally. The Commission on Special Events is seeking innovative and exciting proposals for Special Events throughout 2021 and beyond that support the collective vision of Vail as the world’s “Premier International Mountain Resort Community.”

The CSE utilized the town council mission and vision and research results provided by the Vail Local Marketing District and RRC Associates to develop special event rating criteria. This criteria will be used to evaluate all proposals on how they align with a strategic approach to providing a diverse calendar of events which are well matched to the Vail brand and that exceed the expectations of a sophisticated, international clientele and the local community. Additional criteria are being evaluated for 2021 events relative to the adaptability and flexibility of the event proposal based on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

An online RFP submission process is being used to collect all event proposals. Prospective event producers are directed to to create an account and complete an RFP application.

Producers will self-select one of two categories when submitting an RFP. While all submittals are reviewed with a strong eye as to how well they support the Vail brand, the Community, Recreational and Cultural events are measured primarily with respect to how well they will drive overnight destination visitation. Educational and Enrichment events are evaluated by how they contribute to life-long learning, a sense of well-being and enhanced quality of life. These categories have different criteria and scorecards tailored to the type of event or program.

In 2020, the CSE provided nearly $700,000 to events, after the cancellation of some previously funded events due to the pandemic.  Examples of funded events include the Vail Farmers Market and Farm to Table Dinner Series, Vail Craft Beer Festival, Vail Free Family Fun Fest, 10th Mountain Legacy Parades, and more. The funds are allocated to the CSE by the Vail Town Council and come from the General Fund and monies generated annually by the Vail Business License fees.

Also in 2020, the CSE allocated monies from the event budget to independently survey selected events to have consistent measurement of the economic return on the town’s investment in special events. Event funding submissions are due no later than 11 p.m. MST Monday, Sept. 28 when the online RFP portal will close. Qualifying applications will be reviewed by the CSE at a special meeting Wednesday, Oct. 14. Final funding allocations will be determined by the CSE at a special meeting Wednesday, Oct. 21. Questions about the funding process can be directed to special event coordinator, Jeremy Gross.


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