High Altitude Health Tips


Health Tips 

  • Reduce alcohol, caffeine and salty foods 
  • Drink 3 or 4 times more water than usual 
  • et plenty of rest before and during your stay 
  • Take it easy-your heart is working harder at this altitude 
  • Wear sunscreen-you're 10,000 feet closer to the sun than at sea level 
  • Wear sunglasses with ultraviolet protection even on cloudy or snowy days- your eyes can actually get snowburn
  • Eat foods higher in carbohydrates 
  • During the winter, keep warm and dry and be sure clothes are not to tight- layering is best 

High Altitude 

  • Sickness Symptoms Headache, nausea, unusual tiredness, trouble sleeping 
  • High altitude sickness symptoms go away in a day or two, but if you develop a worsening cough or feel like you have fluid in your lungs, see a doctor immediately 
  • When in doubt, seek medical attention 
Source: Edwards Immediate Care Center

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